During these trying times we wish to advise our customers that at the present, it’s business as usual.  Our Service Department is up and running and we are practicing all governments health requirements to keep our staff and customers safe.

Our Spare Parts team wish to advise that should you wish to place orders over the phone, we will endeavour to fulfil them through our freight companies.

Unless there is a change in circumstances imposed by Government, our team at Newcastle Yamaha Marine will attempt to make these difficult times as smooth as possible.

Please refer to the Approved Usage table to comply with current Government regulations.

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Wednesday, 15 April 2020



BIA has today received confirmation from Transport for NSW Maritime that under current COVID-19 restrictions in NSW the following applies:

• A person can pick up a boat from a dealer, broker or person that they have purchased it from and tow it home as it is considered a reasonable excuse under obtaining goods and services as is taking it to a dealer or broker to offer it for sale.

• A person can drive to a dealership or retail store to pick up boat equipment under the obtaining goods and services excuse.

• A person can access their vessel at a marina or on a mooring to check on systems and to make sure it is safe and compliant in line with undertaking legal obligations, likewise a person can take their vessel (by water or road) to a marina or boat shed for repairs or service under obtaining goods and services and likewise return it home or to its mooring or marina.

The update provides some clarity to both business and public, especially as there have been cases of Police intercepting people and issuing warnings that their travel is unlawful, while travelling by water to boat yards for service, maintenance or repair.

BIA will continue to work with governments to support boating wherever possible.

Safe Boating

Newcastle Yamaha Marine